Bylaws and Policies

STAC Policies

Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation Bylaws: Download a copy of our current bylaws here

STAC Committee Terms of Reference: Download a copy of our Committee Terms of Reference Here (currently under revision.  Check back for an updated copy or contact STAC here for details)

STAC Membership: Visit our Membership Section for policies on our annual and day-of-race memberships.

High Performance Policies, Programs and Standards: Visit the Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre page

Coaching: Visit our Coaching Section for policies and programs regarding our Coaching development Programs.

Sanctioning: Visit our Sanctioning Section for policies regarding Event & Club Sanctioning, Officials Development Programs and Member Assistance Grant Programs

Discipline and Complaints Policy: Download policy here

Appeal Policy:  Download policy here 


Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy:  Download Policy here


Code of Conduct Policy:  Download policy here


Conflict Of Interest Policy:
  Download policy here


Respect In Sport Policy: Coaching Section for resources and information for coaching triathlon in Saskatchewan. Our Respect in Sport Policy is available here.



STAC Strategic Plan


STAC Strategic Plan: 2017- 2021

Strategic Planning Process:
The Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation (STAC) met on October 10, 2015. This strategic planning session reviewed the current Strategic Plan and created a new plan to encompass the proceeding four years.
Present at the meeting:

Mark Gibson President

Trevor Good, Vice President

Don Gallo, Treasurer

Lacey Schroeder , Member-at-Large  

Mark Nagy, Member-at-Large 

Pieter Seshadri , Member-at-Large

Terry Hooper, Member-at-Large

Megan Murk, Member-at-Large

Shawn Rempel , Member-at-Large 

Pieter Seshadri , Member-at-Large

Chris Gdanski, STAFF – Coordinator

RossAnn Edwards, Provincial Coach & STC Administrator