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Triathlon Saskatchewan is proposing changes to our current bylaws.  At the 2017 Triathlon Saskatchewan AGM 

we reviewed the changes with the attendees and committed to bring forward an updated set of bylaws.  The

Board of Directors has approved the new bylaws and will now bring forward the new bylaws to the membership

 for adoption.

On Sunday May 21 we will be circulating an online ballot, it will be a simple vote to adopt the new set of bylaws. 

 All 2017 members in good standing will receive the ballot to the email address that Triathlon Saskatchewan has

on file.  Voting will be open from Sunday May 21 12:00pm through Sunday May 28 12:00pm.  The results of the 

vote will be posted on our website on Monday May 29.

Proposed Changes

Below is a summary of the proposed changes to the current bylaws.

Move to online balloting

o   This will allow members to vote for themselves whether or not they attend the AGM

o   This will due away with proxy voting

o   Voting will be open for 1 week in advance of the AGM

Executive will be picked by the directors-at-large

o   At the first meeting following the AGM  the new board will decide the executive from the directors-at-large

The number of directors will reduce to 12 including the past president

The elected term for directors will go from 1 year to 2 years with half the board turning over each year

o   At the 2018 board meeting the half of the board will be elected to a 2 year term half will be elected to a 1 

year term

o   In 2019 and forward half of the board positions will be up for election for 2 years with the other half of the

 board remaining in place

If up to 2 board positions become available during the year the board can appoint replacements without having a special meeting.

  If 3 or more positions become vacant simultaneously a special meeting of the membership will be required to fill the vacancies


For a complete set of the current bylaws click here

For a complete set of the proposed bylaws click here