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Effective October 17, 2017, TriSask is announcing a realignment of the provincial high performance program. The changes will benefit our membership by enabling us to efficiently develop a broader base of athletes and coaches. Alignment between our objectives and those of Triathlon Canada (TriCanada) will enhance exposure for clubs and their members around the province.

Going forward, our strategy will focus on developing excellence using a collaborative approach. This structure will empower each athlete with the flexibility to choose the coach / program they work with for daily training. The provincial coach will work within Saskatchewan to identify talent, develop coaches, and establish testing protocols in alignment with TriCanada. Furthermore, coaches will have access to a greater amount of resources for development, while athletes will have clear qualification standards for all provincial teams articulated in advance of each season’s events represented by a provincial team. What will remain in place is athlete funding, with a renewed focus on delivering high-value experiences through foundation and skill development clinics, and representation at provincial events. 

Our realignment will enable us to execute even better on our strategic objectives, specifically within our excellence pillar. Utilizing a decentralized club structure, we will create a system where an increased pool of Saskatchewan multisport athletes, coaches, and teams will be trained to systematically achieve success at regional, national and international levels.

TriSask has always had a big vision — To provide opportunities for members to be successful in multisport activities. We’ve come a long way, and the change will provide more opportunities for more athletes from around the province to achieve excellence.

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