STAC Board of Directors and Staff

STAC Board of Directors and Staff

President: Shawn Rempel, Saskatoon

Shawn is focused on facilitating growing participation in the sport of triathlon. His professional working background in sports marketing and business development is a strong asset for the organization. Joining the board in 2015, he made an immediate impact facilitating the board of directors next strategic plan. 

He has earned both a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan, and currently works as the Director of Business Development – Western Canada, for Moskowitz Capital, a mortgage investment corporation.

 The sport was introduced to him by his parents who took it up later in the their adult life. His first triathlon was the Prince Albert Triathlon Club’s Frank Dunn Toyota/Power 99 Triathlon in 2010, which still remains one of his favorite events and courses. He has since completed multiple Olympic, Half Iron, and Iron distance events and continues to participate in the sport.

Past President:  Mark Gibson, Regina 

In Jan 2001, I realized that weighing 246lbs was not a great way to enter middle age. So I started training and ran my first marathon in Sept 2001 in Regina. One thing led to another, bought an old road bike, did my first triathlon in 2002 and eventually went to Ironman Canada in 2006. As a middle of the pack triathlete I specialize in the come- from- behind category because my swim is truly epic, as in you could watch a movie waiting for me. I've been involved with the Regina Multisport Club for a few years now, currently serving as President. As Club/Membership Chairperson with STAC I hope to learn more about our sport from a provincial perspective, helping out when and where I can. I'm married to Theresa, who is a far better athlete ( and Ironman) than I will ever be, and also serve as personal assistant to Wallace and Gromit, our two free? cats.

Vice- President: Lacey Schroeder, Saskatoon

2007 our family began our journey into the sport of Triathlon. We have not only submersed ourselves in every pool and body of water in this province but also into the sport and lifestyle that is known to many. Our love of the sport and tri community have taken us all across the country, Tri-ing in almost every province! (and some US states)

I am never content to sit on the sidelines and cheer everyone on (even though I’ve been told that I have a great voice for cheering…very loud) so I took the Officials Course and Coaching Course, so I could help out in every aspect at races. I took over as Race Director for the Brainsport Kids of Steel Race in 2009. Watching 200 kids each year compete in the sport has been very rewarding! For the past 4 years I have been volunteering and coaching with the Just Tri It program in Saskatoon. This is a Women’s only beginner triathlon training program. The friendships I have formed over the years have been so amazing, the best group you could ever be a part of!!!

I have been a STAC board member for several years now, serving as a member at large, Youth Director, Secretary General and now the Vice President. I am looking forward to continuing to work with our board to make our sport a positive, exciting activity for all to TRI!

Treasurer: Chandra Mark, Regina


Secretary:Donna Kabaluk, Regina

Officials: Marlene Hooper, Regina

STC Advisory Committee: Rob Nelson, Regina

I had been running for a few years, and needed to add in some cross training to try and keep my body healthy. In 2010 I entered and completed my first triathlon, the Brent Gibson Memorial Icebreaker in Regina. From there on I was "all in", racing the standard distance in Regina Beach and then the Viterra Calgary 70.3 that same summer. I progressed to completing Ironman Mount Tremblant in 2013, then raced the sprint distance for Canada at the 2014 ITU Grand Final in Edmonton.

I have experience as a Race Director for The Running Room, Bike Captain for See Dick Tri, and numerous other volunteer roles in running and triathlon races. I've also been involved in organizational director roles with Regina Southeast Minor Hockey, Rainbow Youth Centre and the Project Management Institute Regina/South Saskatchewan Chapter. I'm currently Vice-President of the Regina Multisport Club.

Member-At-:Large: Mark Nagy, Prince Albert

I began participating in triathlon's in 1987 and have been the race director for the Frank Dunn Toyota/Power 99 Triathlon since 1991. Through that time I have been a co-founder of the Prince Albert Triathlon Club and I currently the president of the club. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sport, the people and the places I have been associated with through triathlon.

Member-at-Large: Brad Spokes, Saskatoon


Owner of ZONE Sports Physiotherapy and ZONE Performance Multisport 

BScPT (Honours) Physical Therapy University of Saskatchewan 

Diploma (Honours) Business Administrations Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 

Certified Triathlon Canada Comp Intro Coach

Certified Sport Performance Coach Canadian Sport Institute

Started in Triathlon in 1994

Youth Coordinator: Aiden Katz, Regina

I began my career in triathlon when I was 12 years old when my dad entered me into a youth triathlon program to keep me active. I spent the next 9 years captivated by the sport and competing at an elite level, culminating in my Canada Games bronze medal in the relay event. I retired at 20 from the sport after a short stint as a U23 elite competitor (retire sounds so much better than quit…) to be able to pursue my studies full time. Now, as a board member and Regina youth director, I hope to be able to contribute as much as possible back to a sport that helped me develop from a boy into a young adult, and help other young people do the same. 

Youth Coordinator: Gabriel Edwards, Saskatoon

Member-At-:Large: Nicole Shoaf, Saskatoon

After what seems a lifetime of commuting on trains and subways to an all-encompassing job my life took a turn for the better when I finally returned to my home province of Saskatchewan. Finally, without a 5 hour commute I had time to get healthy and find joy in my life!

 My original view of Triathlon was one of absolute wonder – how did they compete at those levels? How are they so competent in 3 disciplines? Abroad, the only person I knew who did Triathlon was frankly, a bit scary. So, when an industry colleague in Saskatoon, with the same level of fitness as me, mentioned that she did Triathlon I was a bit confused – and intrigued. She convinced me to sign up for the Just Tri It program for women. The multi-disciplinary and individualized approach was perfect to accommodate my history of injuries and I have continued to reach and exceed levels that I never thought possible. More importantly I have learned that Triathlon is filled with incredible people providing positive support to help individuals reach their own personal goals. I can’t tell you how many amazing people have entered my life through this sport. I am grateful to have the time to volunteer with STAC so that I can contribute to this inspiring community and hopefully, help others find the joy and health that Triathlon has brought me.


Member-At-:Large: Sarah Figley, Saskatoon



Executive Director: Chris Gdanski, Regina

I have been associated with triathlon since 1987.  I started by volunteering at a local triathlon way back then.  My summer job from 1989 to 1995 was to work on a series of Triathlons in Ontario. In 1995 the series expanded with the purchase of Ironman Canada and I immediately became the race director for the largest triathlon in the country.  After a few years as race director of Ironman Canada my role expanded to be the director of operations for Ironman North America when the company expanded into the USA.

Not only have i organised hundreds of events including 5ks, kids events, various distance triathlons including Ironman triathlon, I have competing in every distance along the way from 5k all the way to Ironman.

I am very excited about my new roll with STAC and hope that i can continue the legacy of excellence that Fred Dyck achieved in his 7 years with STAC. 


Provincial Coach and Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre Coordinator: RossAnn Edwards, Saskatoon


I strive to create equitable opportunities for all athletes whom I coach, providing them with technically sound and encouraging instruction and feedback.   I hope to challenge the athletes to set and achieve their goals regardless of their level of performance.  

In addition to realizing improved performances, I want those whom I coach to grow socially, adopt positive values, and establish a strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth. My intention is to have all the athletes feel included, valued and respected.


For any questions or if you would like to contact one of our board members, visit our Contact page