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Triathlon Clubs: The Foundation of our Provincial Triathlon Community!

The sport of triathlon has a proud history of sport development and leadership through the formation of triathlon clubs in Saskatchewan. Led by Frank Dunn, the community of Prince Albert began forming in the 1980's through the organization of our longest running race, the Frank Dunn Toyota/Power 99 Triathlon. Both the Saskatoon Triathlon Club and the Regina Mutisport Club were formed in the early 1990s. Throughout the past twenty years, Saskatchewan has seen triathlon clubs organize across the province.

Pictured: Run start for the 2012 Bridge City Duathlon in Saskatoon

Today, all STAC sanctioned races are organized and supported by the volunteers of our provincial triathlon clubs. Our clubs offer triathletes the basic backbone activities of our sport including opportunities for group training, race organization and the ever-important role of sharing experiences and stories; you would be correct to say our clubs are the foundation of the provincial triathlon community.

Multisport races and events require a great number of volunteers. A typical ratio at one of our races is one volunteer for every two athletes. Please support our clubs by joining and, more importantly, getting involved!




Regina Multisport Club

President: Erin Kiefer

General Inquiries:
Twitter: @yqrmultsport

Saskatoon Triathlon Club

President: Carmen Bell

Battleford Multisport Club

President: Doug Sylvester
Prince Albert Triathlon Club

President: Mark Nagy

Facebook: Visit Here

Melfort Triathlon Club


Phone: (306) 752-2723(306) 752-2723(306) 752-2723(306) 752-2723
Dundurn Diggers Triathlon Club:


Pedal Wenches, Saskatoon

Contact: Reagan Wildeman


University of Saskatchewan Triathlon Club

Jeff Nattress

Web Site Link:



Want to join a club?

On behalf of the Prince Albert Triathlon Club, the Saskatoon Triathlon Club and the Regina Multisport Club, Saskatchewan Triathlon offers the opportunity to purchase one of those three club memberships while purchasing your STAC membership online. Visit here to learn more about purchasing your STAC Annual Membership here.

Each club offers you the opportunity to purchase your club membership through their web pages and contact information. Follow the links above for the club you are interested in to find out more information.

Interested in Developing a New Triathlon Club?

If your area or community has interest in developing a new triathlon club, please contact the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association for information on how we can support your efforts. Please contact us at

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