Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer and Help our Triathlon Community Host Great Events!

Contact Sask Triathlon for information on any of our events and how to get involved at 


All our races need help! If you are racing, plan to help by volunteering a family member or friend! And, athletes, volunteer at races you don't plan to enter.

Both Subaru Saskatoon and the Living Sky Triathlon have reported significant shortfalls in terms of volunteer recruitment for 2014...WE NEED YOUR HELP IN 2014!

Contact Regina Multisport Club for events in Regina at

Contact Subaru Saskatoon Triathlon (June 28/29) by visiting here

Contact the Living Sky Triathlon (June 14/15) by email here: stc@triathlonsaskatchewan.org


Want to be involved in one of the hottest sports on the planet?

Want to have the satisfaction of helping our local communities host events aimed at promoting a fit and healthy society?

Want to see kids, both young and old, smile while enjoying the satisfaction of completing a triathlon!

Want a "ring-side" spot to watch your family member complete their race?

Help our clubs host our races by Volunteering!

The driving force behind the sport of triathlon is the tremendous effort and energy offered by volunteers. All of our races, clubs and events are organized and lead by volunteers club members, race directors and people who just care about the sport. Without the dedication and efforts of our volunteers, none of our events would occur. 


Subaru Western Triathlon Series - Subaru Saskatoon Triathlon

Subaru Saskatoon will require well over 200 volunteers. This race will have over 500 participants and was featured on TSN in 2013. Please help our triathlon community host this world class event by volunteering. 

Visit the series web site here for volunteer information:




All of our races are completely run by Volunteers!

Please help our triathlon community to operate safe and fair events by getting involved.

Whether you are an athlete or a family member of an athlete or just want to get involved, we have a role for you to play.

In the months, weeks and days leading up to an event, our host clubs have their volunteers putting in countless hours to make sure the events are operated smoothly and safely.

The weekend of the events always require the largest number of volunteers.



Do you need to be a triathlete to Volunteer! Absolutely Not!

 Our events have many different volunteer roles and responsbilities. Most, you will need only basic instructions for what to do. 

A typical 100 person race may take as many as 50 to 75 volunteers.

Some events require more. The Subaru International Triathlon in Saskatoon will require over 250 volunteers!

Volunteer activities operate all year around. And, although the number one reason to volunteer is personal satisfaction, many events offer volunteer t-shirts, gifts and prizes to their volunteers. 

And, the best our race directors and club event organizers can give you is their deep and heart felt gratitude knowing without your involvement, the race doesn't happen!












Volunteering can be:

  • Being involved at the club level
  • Volunteer in the weeks leading to an event
  • Race Weekend: help arange aid station supplies
  • Race weekend: help stuffing race packages
  • Race weekend: help pick up or return equipment
  • Race weekend: help at registration desks
  • Race Day: be an official
  • Race Day: on course aid station
  • Race Day: Assist set up and take down
  • Race Day: Body marking
  • Race Day: Course set up and take down

There is a spot for you, regardless of your skills and time! 

Who to contact and how to get involved:

All of our races are hosted by one of three clubs. The Saskatoon Triathlon Club Inc. (STCI), the Regina Multisport Club (RMC) and the Prince Albert Triathlon Club.

Email STAC at info@triathlonsaskatchewan.org and we will pass on your request to the appropriate race director or event organizer for the race you would like to help at.

Visit our Event Calendar here for a list of races for this season.

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