Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

LTAD Introduction:

(download the full document here or visit Triathlon Canada for more information) 

Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) initiative is meant to serve as a philosophy of athlete developmentfrom birth to retirement. This philosophy is aguide for all sports in the development of their training, and competition and recovery programs. Sport Canada’s LTAD Guide provides a generic stage-by-stage process that considers some current knowledge on growth and development and the trainability of fundamental motor abilities. 
From this generic document and related source information, all national sport governing bodies were required to generate sport specific LTAD models. Several national meetings have been held and attended by members of Triathlon Canada's LTAD expert working group. These meetings served as information sharing opportunities between the Sport Canada Expert Group and the participating sports and also provided for communication between sports where collaborative across-sport initiatives could be further explored.
Triathlon Canada’s LTAD Framework should be viewed as both an integrated and collaborative model that is meant to guide the optimization of athletic development for both our age-group and elite athlete development systems. This initiative will influence all stages of an athlete’s development including: an individual’s entry and early years in sport
and physical activity; assist in developing a talent detection, selection and development plan and related processes; inform the training and competitive approaches congruent with the various stages; and encourage lifelong  participation in the sport of triathlon in Canada.


The following guiding principles are central to Triathlon Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Framework:

  • That our programming directs athletes towards doing the right thing at the right time.
  • That our athletes are encouraged to achieve stage specific outcomes prior to undertaking activities associated with the subsequent stage.
  • That our training programs are tailored to the individual based on the nature of their development and considers their physical, psychological and social characteristics.
  • That triathlon will work with, and not in to the individual based on the nature of their development and considers theirphysical, psychological and social characteristics.