List of Coaches

List of Coaches

Triathlon Coaching In Saskatchewan
The Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation
The Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation has as one of its mandates to further develop and enhance the sport of triathlon in Saskatchewan through the continual development of qualified coaches.  For more information on coaching programs in Saskatchewan for the sport of triathlon visit our Path to Coaching page here.
If you are interested in attending a coaching clinic or if your club or group would like to host a clinic in your area, contact the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation at

Certified Triathlon Coaches in Saskatchewan

RossAnn Edwards

RossAnn Edwards is the current Head Coach and Administrator for the Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre (STC).  The STC is a new initiative begun by the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation in 2010 to focus on the development of youth, junior and U23 athletes in Saskatchewan.  For more information on the STC visit our Athlete Centre here.  RossAnn was the Head Coach for Triathlon as part of Team Saskatchewan at the 2009 Canada Summer Games.  This was the first time the sport of triathlon had been included in the Games.  Under RossAnn's guidance, Saskatchewan fielded a competitive team that included a fourth place finish. 

RossAnn has over 30 years of coaching experience in Saskatchewan and has been a pioneer of the development of triathlon in the province. 


Download RossAnn's coaching biography and philosophy here.



Carly Priebe

Carly loves to share the joy of sport and physical activity through coaching. As a coach, she believes her primary role is to assist athletes and exercisers by giving them the tools they need to reach their goals.  For some, these goals might involve reaching a certain performance criteria while for others the goal might simply be to enjoy working out, finding a way to lose a bit of weight, or finishing a race with a smile.
Over the years, Carly has coached both developmental or beginner athletes as well as high performance athletes of all ages. She has over eight years coaching experience including coaching for Swim Saskatchewan High Performance Team, for Saskatoon’s Youth/Junior Triathlon Teams, coaching at various triathlon skills clinics throughout Saskatchewan (youth, junior, and age-group athletes), for Saskatoon Laser’s Swim Club, Huskies Cross Country Camps, at Saskatoon’s Kids-of-Steel clinics and events, and for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.  In 2010 she was selected by Triathlon Canada as head coach for the Paratriathlon World Championships training camp and race in Budapest, Hungary.
In addition to coaching, Carly is currently a graduate student in the College of Kinesiology at the U of S working towards a Ph.D. She continues to participate in sport herself. During her years as an undergraduate student, she ran cross country and track and field with the U of S Huskies. She has competed in numerous local and international triathlons including Age Group Triathlon World Championships in Switzerland (2006), Germany (2007), and Vancouver, Canada (2008). Her best placing, to date, is 7th in her age group in Hamburg, Germany 2007 Age Group Triathlon World Championships and one of her racing “career” highlights was being selected as one of five female members on Team Canada at FISU University Triathlon World Championships 2008 in Erdek, Turkey. Recently, she has taken on some longer distance events, completing three marathons in 2009/2010 and her first half-Ironman in 2010.
Check out her website for more information about Carly and her coaching programs:
Transition Sport & Fitness
Carly Priebe
List of Saskatchewan Trained Coaches: 
    Adult Facilitator Youth Facilitator Comp Intro Facilitator
    Community   Community   Part 2  
Aspen, Allan Saskatoon     Mar-12 C. Priebe    
Bigsby, Robert Saskatoon     Mar-12 C. Priebe    
Bijman, Frank Melville     Mar-12 C. Priebe    
Bittman, Lyle Melfort Jan-10 T. shelley        
Brace, Allan Cold Lake, AB Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Braun, Kiel Swift Current Nov-10 T. shelley        
Christohper, Glen-Mary  Yorkton Nov-08 J. Holmstrom        
Christopher, Gary  Yorkton Nov-08 J. Holmstrom        
Clarke, Crystal  Regina Jan-10 T. shelley        
Clarke, Sarah Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Costello, Brian Cold Lake, AB Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Cripps, Doug  Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Doulias, Nick  Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom     Jan-12 T. shelley
Dynna, Lonnie  Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Edwards, Gabrielle Saskatoon     Nov-11 C. Priebe    
Edwards, Rachelle Saskatoon     11-Nov C. Priebe    
Englund, Laura Regina Nov-10 T. shelley      Nov. 2007  
Fahlman, Andrea Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
French, Colin  Regina Jan-10 T. shelley        
French, Jorja Cold Lake, AB Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Gallo, Donald  Saskatoon Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Gibson, Mark Regina Nov-10 T. shelley Dec-11 C. Priebe Jan-12 T. shelley
Gibson, Theresa Regina Nov-10 T. shelley Dec-11 C. Priebe Jan-12 T. shelley
Gosselin, Ray  Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Graham, Chris Winnipeg, MB         Jan-12 T. shelley
Guillaume, Jennifer  Saskatoon Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Hooper, Sean Regina Nov-10 T. shelley Dec-11 C. Priebe    
Hooper, Terry Regina Nov-10 T. shelley Dec-11 C. Priebe    
Howlett, Evan  Saskatoon Jan-10 T. shelley        
Howlett, Joel  Saskatoon Jan-10 T. shelley        
Katz, CJ  Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Keenan, Terry  Saskatoon Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Kerr, Mark Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Large, Jim Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Lewis, Kirk Victoria, BC         Jan-12 T. shelley
MacKenzie, B. Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Malin, Chris Saskatoon     11-Nov C. Priebe    
Miller, Abby  Saskatoon Jan-10 T. shelley        
Mykytchuk, John Regina     Dec-11 C. Priebe    
Neb, Elli  Regina Mar-09 J. Holmstrom        
Neil, Ryan Bushell Park Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Nichols, Tamra  Saskatoon Jan-10 T. shelley        
Ouellet, Alexi Bushell Park Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Pavelich, Rochelle  Dundurn Nov-08 J. Holmstrom        
Pedrick, Carol Wilcox     Dec-11 C. Priebe    
Rouault-Gibson, C. Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Schroeder, Lacey Dundurn     Mar-12 C. Priebe    
Shaffer, Ryan Regina Nov-11 C. Priebe Dec-11 C. Priebe  Jan-12  T/ Shelley
Shaheen, Pat Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Shannon-Wobeser, B.   Dundurn Nov-08 J. Holmstrom        
Sheppard, Brandi Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Shury, Wendy  Saskatoon Nov-08 J. Holmstrom        
Smith, William  Regina Nov-08 J. Holmstrom        
Spokes, Brad Saskatoon Nov-11 C. Priebe     Jan-12 T. Shelley
Stalwick, Amanda  Saskatoon Jan-10 T. shelley        
Stennes, Dane Regina Nov-10 T. shelley        
Stennes, Renae Regina Nov-10 T. shelley        
Stevenson, Carly Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Stuckel, Renee  Regina Jan-10 T. shelley        
Taylor, Debbie Prince Albert     Mar-12 C. Priebe    
Terry, Karla Moose Jaw Nov-11 C. Priebe        
Traves, Joanne  Saskatoon Jan-10 T. shelley        
Wardroipe, Chelsea Winnipeg, MB         Jan-12 T. shelley
Wunderle, Kai  Saskatoon Nov-08 J. Holmstrom