Respect in Sport


Saskatchewan Triathlon is committed to creating a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Coaches have a responsibility to create a sporting environment that is free of harassment, abuse, bullying and neglect.

The Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Board of Directors approved our Respect in Sport Policy to support our committment to ensuring this sport environment. As of the 30th of January, 2013, all coaches of Saskatchewan Triathlon Association sanctioned activities are required to complete the Respect in Sport Online Certification Program. Existing coaches have been given until September 30th, 2013 to complete the program. Any existing coach who has not completed the program by September 30th, 2013 will be removed as a coach until such time that the course is completed.

Link Here to Register and complete the Respect In Sport for Coaches Program

Any new coaches training between January 30th, 2013 and September 30th, 2013 must complete the program before commencing coaching activities of Sask Triathlon sanctioned events. And, after September 30th, 2013, all coaches of Saskatchewan Triathlon sanctioned activities must have completed the Respect in Sport Certification program.

Please note: the Respect in Sport Certification program is portable to other sports. If you coach in Saskatchewan in more than one sport, you are only required to complete the program once. Please contact Saskatchewan Triathlon at for more information on the program and its details.All sports and coaches under the Sask Sport Inc. umbrella support the Respect in Sport program and require their coaches to complete the training. Each sport may have different completion deadlines.

Download our Official Respect in Sport Policy Here


Sask Sport Inc. offers numerous support progams and resources for detrimental activities such as bullying, harassment, abuse and hazing. If you are in need of support, the Red Cross offers support through this contact phone number: 1-866-773-5777.

Visit the Sask Sport Inc.Web Site here for more information on their RespectEd program and other resources in this area.