Officials Clinics




Triathlon Canada Level 2 Officials Clinic



Date: Sunday March 5, 2017  12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location Sask Sport, 1870 Lorne Ave Regina 

This course is also available via web conference


Facilitator: Terry & Marlene Hooper, National Technical Official

Cost: there is no charge for taking this course

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Roles & Responsibilities for Level 2 Officials:

  • Successfully demonstrates abilities and fulfills the following: 
  • May be assigned as Technical Delegate (TD), Head Referee (HR), Sector Leader or general official duties at provincial sanctioned events.  
  • May act as a presenter of Certification Courses Level 1 
  • Communicate effectively with the provincial sanctioning committee and organizing committees. 
  • Strong leadership role within PGB. 
  • Maintains a minimum working experience of 10 points per year. 
  • Attend Level 2 course and pass provincial evaluation / mentorship process. 
  • Must re-cert every 5 years or when point values not acquired. 


Remember always that officials are not really here to enforce rules. Rather to provide a safe race with an even playing field for all participants. The rules give us guidelines in how to accomplish this.”


From TC Level 1 Officials Course