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STAC Officials

STAC Offcials


List of STAC Certified Officials:

Head of Officials - Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation

Megan Murk is our current Head of Officials for the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation.  Megan is a National Technical Official for the sport of triathlon in Canada and  Board member for the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation.

  • Duties as Head of Officials:
  • Administration of officials schedule for STAC Sanctioned Multisport races in Saskatchewan.
  • Oversee of officials instructional clinics, programs and workshops
  • Oversee of STAC Officials Mentoring Program
  • Liaison with Triathlon Canada with regard to officials issues 

If you are interested in more information about becoming a STAC official or its program and content contact Megan at megan.fortosky@gmail.com

STAC Officials Reporting Procedures:

Submission for Officials Expenses:

Officials are to submit to STAC for the race official honorarium. Level 1 certified officials receive $25 per event, Level 2 officials receive $50 per event and Level 3 & National Technical Officials receive $75 per event.

STAC will also reimburse travel and hotel expenses (one night) incurred. Two exceptions exist where these expense items are not to be submitted include:

1. If you are traveling to an event that you are participating in at the same venue or

2. Your child is participating in an event at the same venue

To apply for the above funding you must submit an expense form with any relevant receipts. The race expense form can be downloaded from our General Downloads Page here.

Head Officials are required to complete our Officials Report Form after the conclusion of each STAC sanctioned officiated event. This report will list all of the officials who volunteered for the event. 

All forms are to be submitted to STAC at PO Box 21008, Saskatoon, SK S7H 5N9 or via email to info@triathlonsaskatchewan.org


STAC Certified Officials

International Triathlon Union/Certified Technical Officials - Saskatchewan

  • Lori Ebbesen, Saskatoon
  • Don Gallo, Saskatoon

National Technical Officials - Saskatchewan

  • Lori Ebbesen, Saskatoon
  • Don Gallo, Saskatoon
  • Marlene Hooper, Regina
  • Terry Hooper, Regina
  • Peggy Martin McGuire, Regina
  • Megan Murk, Saskatoon

Roster of All STAC Officials and Level of Certification Achieved:

First Last Home Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 NTO
Harold Argue   2008      
Marlaine Argue   2008      
Ryan Armstong   2007      
Sarah Armstong   2007      
Patrick Ash Regina' 2008      
Al Aspen   2008      
Robert Barrand Regina 2009 2010    
Carmen Bell Saskatoon n/a 2013    
Shannon Bews   2006      
Doug  Blakely   2009      
Pat  Blakely   2009      
Mark Boyd Saskatoon 2006      
Heather Bryan   2007      
Grant Bryden   2006      
Donald Chodzicki Saskatoon n/a 2013    
Glen-Mary Christopher Yorkton 2010      
Crystal Clarke   2007      
Lenard Cole   2006      
Doug  Cripps   2010      
Danae Ditson   2007 2010    
Nick Doulias Regina 2009      
Lilly Dundjerovic Regina n/a 2013    
Debbie Dwyer   2009      
Fred Dyck Saskatoon 2009 2013    
Lori Ebbesen Saskatoon n/a n/a n/a n/a
J'Neene Ethier   2010      
Kris Evoy Saskatoon 2011 2013    
LeeAnn Forsythe   2010      
Megan Fortosky   2009 2010  2012  2012
Roy Fremont Prince Albert 2011      
Thomas Froh   2009      
Donald Gallo Saskatoon 2006 2009 2009 2009
Mark Gibson Regina 2009 2010    
Ron Golden Saskatoon 1990's      
Navarra Good Saskatoon 2009 2010    
Debbie Grauer Regina 2009      
Stefan Griesche   2007      
Jeff Harder   2007      
Amber Harvey   2008      
Jeff Hehn Saskatoon n/a 2013    
Anna Maria Heilmann   2007      
Marlene  Hooper Regina 2009 2010  2013  2013
Terry  Hooper Regina 2009 2010  2013  2013
Jason Hubrick Regina 2009 2010    
Dale Janeczko Prince Albert 2011      
CJ Katz Regina 2008      
Ron Kelly Saskatoon 2009      
Terry  Lazarou Regina 2009      
Sheila Leach-Dougherty   2010      
Chantelle Lefebvre   2007      
Ryan Leibel   2009      
Mike Levesque Saskatoon 1990's 1990's 1999  
John Marshall Saskatoon 1990's 1990's 2000  
Peggie Martin-McGuire Regina 2009 2010    2010
Bob McLean   2008      
Cathy Miller   2007      
Amber Miller   2008      
Dennis Minielly   2009 2010    
Ken Minielly   2009      
Bruce Moore   2010      
Shari Mosthaf Regina n/a 2013    
Carole Moresky   2009      
 Megan Murk  Saskatoon  2009  2010  2012  2012
Mark Nagy Prince Albert n/a 2013    
Conway Nelson   2010      
Kathie Parry   2006      
Blair Parkinson Regina n/a 2013    
Glen Patkau Saskatoon 2009 2013    
Valerie Pearson Saskatoon 1990's 1990's 2000  
Frankie Pelletier   2010      
D'Arcy Polreis   2009      
Brandi Pozniak   2009      
Carly Priebe Saskaton 2007      
Mark  Rathwell   2009      
Lacey Schroeder Dundurn 2011      
Bridget Shannon Dundurn 2009      
Renata Sosna   2010      
Roy  Strathdee Prince Albert 2000      
Dave Tovey   2008      
Wilna van Beek   2007      
Rick Vaughan   2008      
Michelle Walker   2010      
Kim Ward   2009      
Naomi Wendorff   2009      
Jen Zuk   2006