Event Sanctioning Process

Benefits of sanctioning your event with STAC:

One of the main responsibilities of Saskatchewan Triathlon is to govern the planning and implementation of multisport events in Saskatchewan. This process, called Event Sanctioning, is designed to help our clubs, coaches and communities host races, clinics and events in a fair and safe manner. We generally sanction two types of events; races and clinics.

  •  A Willing Partner: In accordance with our mission statement, the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association is committed to the development of the sport of triathlon and all multisport extensions of that activity. Therefore, our mandate is to partner with our local organizing committees to ensure events meet or exceed expectations and goals.
  • Liability Insurance: STAC offers a comprehensive insurance and risk management package including $5 million liability policy.
  • Participant Insurance: For our events, all participants are required to be either an annual or race-day member of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association. In doing so, all participants receive insurance coverage as outlined in this document.
  • Provincial and National Affiliation: By sanctioning your event with STAC you are directly partnering with the sport governing body for triathlon in Saskatchewan as recognized by Sask Sport Inc. Indirectly, your event is additionally affiliated with the National Sport Organization for triathlon in Canada, Triathlon Canada.
  • Standardized International Competition Rules focused on fair and safe events: STAC follows nationally and internationally accepted competition rules and guidelines for all multisport events as regulated by Triathlon Canada and the International Triathlon Union (ITU).
  • Triathlon Canada Accredited Officials: STAC assigns our Triathlon Canada accredited officials for each event to ensure high standards and quality are achieved. Our goal is to partner with you to ensure the competition is fair and safe.
  • Financial Support: Through our Member Assistance Program (MAP) we may be able to provide grant-funding support for your event.
  • Event Promotion: All events sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association can be featured on our online race/event calendar.

Cost to sanction your event with the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association:

The Saskatchewan Triathlon Association (STAC) divides our sanctioned activities into three types of events. First, our sanctioned triathlon clubs host regular activities which fall under our sanctioning process. Second, we sanction multisport races such as triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, winter triathlon etc. Third, we assist groups to sanction clinics. 

All participants of any event STAC sanctions must possess either a current Annual STAC Membership or have purchased a STAC Day-of-Race membership for that event. Annual memberships are sold through this web site. Link here for more information about our Annual Memberships. Day-of-Race memberships are typically sold by the event itself through the registration process the event uses.  

Download Our Sanctioning Documents:


Follow Up Report

Insurance Certificate Request Form




1.      Spending Plan: This is your event budget. STAC will not proceed with sanctioning an event minus a spending plan. We prefer submission of the spending plan document electronically.


2.      Sanctioning Form Submission: Completion of this document including all necessary information and MAPs is required before STAC will proceed with sanctioning an event.  Typically, this document is submitted with the Spending Plan. We prefer submission of the sanctioning document electronically.


3.      Sanction Fee Payment: Fee payment must accompany the spending plan and the sanctioning package to qualify for initial sanctioning.


4.      Review Process: During the Saskatchewan Triathlon Application Review and Approval Process we will review the document and may require additional information (deficiencies) from your LOC. At this point a technical delegate will be assigned to your event.

5.      Event Approval: Once the all deficiencies and subsequent materials have been reviewed by technical delegate and sanctioning committee, the event will be formally approved. If requested a letter can be provided via email to the Race Director indicating that they have satisfied all requirements two weeks prior to race day.

6.      Participant Insurance: Your LOC will be responsible to ensure all participants have proper insurance coverage (STAC Annual

 Membership or STAC Race-Day Membership). This must occur prior to the day of the event.


7.      Race Event Occurs: STAC officials will be onsite to ensure a fair and safe event is hosted. During the event, STAC officials are considered our official representative and are empowered by STAC to implement STAC policies and procedures. The race/event must comply with the “Sanctioning Requirements” found in this package.


8.      Follow Up Report: Post event, your LOC will be required to complete and submit the Follow-Up Report including the submission of copies of all receipts. Once this has been received, STAC will issue any grant amounts due through our Member Assistance Program (MAP).


Race Director Resources:

CANADIAN LIGHTNING DANGER MAP – This online resource operated by Environment Canada identifies areas at greatest risk of being struck by lightning in ten minute intervals. If you have access to the internet during your event this resource can be used to evaluate this environmental condition. Follow the link below to access this resource.

LIGHTNING SAFETY AND PREPAREDNESS DOCUMENT – This document is authored by Environment Canada and is available on their web site: . Download a copy of the document here.

ITU Event Organizers’ Manual (EOM): Part C Technical Operations - This is a comprehensive triathlon-specific document on the ITU requirements to plan a major triathlon event. This document is a good resource as it contains significant information with regard to many aspects of your SEMP. STAC provides this document for download on our web site.

If you have any questions on the Event Sanctioning Process, please contact Saskatchewan Triathlon at