Triathlon Competition Rules & Updates

Triathlon Competition Rules and Updates


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Bikes with Disk Brakes: Allowed or Not?

Hi, all. I am the Sask Triathlon Association (STAC) Director of Officials. This article is meant to inform all participants that are considering getting – or have already obtained – bikes with disk brakes (instead of caliper brakes) on a bike, and what that may mean for taking part in triathlons or duathlons that are within Saskatchewan and outside of the province.

If you want to cut to the chase, here’s the bottom line: As of the 2017 race season, bikes equipped with disk brakes will be allowed to enter ITU-sanctioned events if the race is not a draft-legal event.

For those wanting more information about this statement, here you go…

Here are two examples to reference; a bike with traditional caliper brakes, a bike with disk brakes.


The International Triathlon Union (ITU) issues annual rule updates that all ITU-sanctioned races are expected to follow – through Triathlon Canada, through STAC, to all the STAC-sanctioned events. And this applies to competitions in other provinces and internationally. The latest rule update that was issued in December 2016 included a statement that disk brakes are not allowed in draft-legal multisport competitions sanctioned by ITU. The following points apply:

  • Because of the ITU – Triathlon Canada – STAC organization hierarchy, this rule would be in effect for all the STAC-sanctioned races.

  • ITU does not oversee and sanction Ironman races, so the ITU disk brake rule does not apply to Ironman-type races.
  • The rule is safety-related. There has been at least one recent incident at a high-level cycling event where a serious laceration injury was attributed to contact with a disk brake, which has further reinforced the justification for this rule.

If you need further clarification on the above, please contact me through the STAC general office email at

 Marlene Hooper
Officials Director
Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation

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