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Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

Each STC athlete and those representing Saskatchewan at a competition (receiving funding and/or wearing a Sask uniform) are required to complete and adhere to the standard of behaviors set out in the Athlete Code of Conduct form and a Parent Code of Conduct form (if applicable). See Appendix B.  All forms are to be submitted to the Provincial Coach.

All stakeholders are required to complete a Code of Conduct as part of our program to ensure an optimal environment for everyone.  The Codes of Conduct identify the standard of behavior expected of all members and participants with the STC and STAC.  Participants include athletes, coaches and representatives designated as chaperones.  Those who fail to abide by those guidelines outlined within these Codes may lose privileges that come with being members of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association.  This may include, but is not limited to the opportunity to participate in future STC and STAC activities (training clinics, competitions, seminars).

Downloadable Forms:

Athlete, Coach, Manager & Chaperone Code of Conduct

Parent & Family Code of Conduct and Acknowledgement

A.  Coaches Code of Conduct

The Saskatchewan Triathlon Association supports the core principles of coaching as identified by the Canadian Coaching Association:

  • That sport leads to individual and community growth
  • That coaching is the primary influence on the quality of a participant's sport experience
  • That competent and ethical coaches are essential to the provision of a safe and positive sport environment
  • That coaching requires lifelong learning
  • That coaching education demands collective effort
  • That inclusion must be the hallmark of Canada's sport environment

In support of these core principles, STAC supports our coaches and their development through funding for continual education and training.  Programming is measured through the spectrum of the Triathlon Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model.  All of the coaches associated with the STC, must adhere to these core principles.

B.  Respect in Sport

As part of our commitment to our core coaching principles, STAC requires all of our STC coaches to complete the Respect in Sport Certification program.  Respect in Sport is a grass-roots online program for sport and community organizations committed to creating a safe environment for all participants: coaches, managers, trainers, administration, volunteers and parents.  Visit the Respect in Sport website at http://respectinsport.com for more information on this program.