Draft Legal Certification

Draft Legal Certification

  • The athlete must be a member in good standing of STAC
  • STAC certifies athletes to participate in draft legal triathlons
  • Athletes wishing to become draft legal certified are expected to attend STAC sponsored workshops or clinics where packriding skills are taught and evaluated. Contact STAC (stc@triathlonsaskatchewan.org) for information on upcoming clinics.
  • After a workshop or clinic is complete, the STAC coach or approved representative of STAC will certify the athlete based on observed competency or name other requirements.
  • If attendance at a clinic is not possible, contact the Provincial coach to discuss alternate arrangements for draft legal evaluation.  There may be fees involved.
At least one draft legal clinic will be offered to athletes during the year. All athletes wanting to compete in draft legal events must be certified at a draft legal clinic. These clinics assess bike handling, group riding skills and the ability to transition safely. Non-STC members will pay the full clinic fees and STC members will receive the subsidized rate. Athletes may require further experience and/or evaluation to be deemed draft legal certified. The evaluators are responsible for naming the appropriate course of action for the athlete. The athlete is responsible for the costs of the re-evaluation.


Certified Draft Legal Athletes

Draft Legal Junior Athletes:


Name Date Event
Jeramie Anderson 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Lindsay Aspen 21-May-09
Colin Aspen June, 2011 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Marina Aspen Mar-12 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Keisha Besler June, 2011 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Robert Bigsby 08-May-10 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Nadine Brenaut 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Sash Broda 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Anne Charles May, 2013 Sedona Training Camp
Cuylar Conly 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Nicole Cripps 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Tianna Dodds
Alex Dolman 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Rachael Edwards 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Gabrielle Edwards April, 09 Arizona Training Camp
Brammon Edwards June, 2011 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Julia Garnet 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Christina Gee 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Christoff Gerard June, 2011 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Kurt Hauser March, 2012 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Sean Hooper 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Joel Howlett 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Aidan Katz 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Alecia Lukash 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Chris Malin March, 2012 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Abby Miller 26-Apr-08 Spring Cycling Clinic
Sosna Nikifor 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Sam Seshadri 27-Apr-13 Spring Draft Legal Clniic
Sadie Schaeffer 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Kaycee Schroeder 27-Apr-13 Spring Draft Legal Clniic
Brennen Smith March, 2012 Kelly Guest Clinic - BC
Konnor Stettner 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Melias Temple 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Joanne Traves 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Luke Turanich 25-Apr-09 Spr. Cycling Clinic
Mina Wardrop March, 2012 Spr. Draft legal Clinic
Emily Benko July 2013 B Mackenzie/P Ash
 Samantha Graham May 2014 Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Will  Joseph May 2014  Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Adam Bugera May 2014 Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Matteen Makari May, 2014
 Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic
Enns May, 2014
Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Josh Windsor May, 2014
Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
Gravelle May, 2014
Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Regnier Tatiana May, 2015 Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic
 Seshadri Ben May, 2015 Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic
 Han  Kaitao May, 2015  Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Kolb  Kaelen  May, 2015  Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Charrier Jacques  June 2015  Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Handley Ryann June 2015 Lumsden Draft Legal Clinic
 Markatos Cosmas  May 2016  Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic
 Schroeder Hunter  May 2016  Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic
  Kirkpatrick Ciara  May 2016  Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic
 Perras Ella  May 2016  Saskatoon Draft Legal Clinic

List of athletes updated May 8th, 2015. Please report discrepancies or ask any questions about the draft legal process to stc@triathlonsaskatchewan.org