HP Benefits, Training Events and Uniforms

High Performance Status Benefits, Training Events, Uniforms


Integrated Sport Team services are available to STC and high performance athletes.  For information on these services and eligibility, contact the Provincial Coach, RossAnn Edwards at stc@triathlonsaskatchewan.org.


A.  Provincial Training Days

On a six to eight week basis, 1 – 2 day, subsidized events will be offered to STC members.  These events are open to non-STC athletes, however, non-members will be charged actual fees without the benefit of the subsidized rates.

Provincial Training Days bring athletes from different cities and programs together to assist in developing a team atmosphere.  Time trials, testing protocols, skills sessions, competition simulations, sport science and medicine sessions and special speaker presentations will be offered. 


B.  Warm Weather Training Camps

Ten to 14 day camps will be offered throughout the training season.  Camps will be offered solely by the STC, or in conjunction with other programs and provinces.  There may be mandatory time standards and/or necessary skill competencies attached to the camp entrance criteria.  The Provincial Coach is responsible for the development of standards and criteria that will optimize the athletes' experiences and create a safe environment.

C.  Clinics/Camps

Special events will be offered to prepare athletes and teams for specific competitions (staging camps, SSG/WCSG/CSG preparation).

At least one draft legal clinic will be offered to athletes during the year.  All athletes wanting to compete in draft legal events must be certified at a draft legal clinic.  These clinics assess bike handling, group riding skills and the ability to transition safely.  Non-STC members will pay the full clinic fees and STC members will receive the subsidized rate.  Athletes may require further experience and/or evaluation to be deemed draft legal certified.  The evaluators are responsible for naming the appropriate course of action for the athlete.  The athlete is responsible for the costs of the re-evaluation.  (see Appendix A)



Athletes receiving funding from STAC must wear the provincial team uniform if available.  Athletes are also required to wear team clothing during travel and public events associated with training and competition, if available.  Please contact the Provincial Coach for information on ITU requirements for competition suits and elite events and information on businesses able to screen competition suits to comply with ITU standards.

  • Sponsorship logos

Athletes may choose to display non-conflicting sponsor logos to their team uniform at their own cost.  Specific information on placement, size and number of logos is available from the Provincial Coach.  Athletes are asked to contact STAC prior to applying sponsorship logos to ensure that policy is adhered to.  Sponsorship logos are prohibited on Games' suits (SSG, WCSG, CSG).