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The Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre

What is the Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre:


The primary purpose of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Center (STC), the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association’s (STAC) high performance program, is to provide elite level funding support, program opportunities and co-ordination for Saskatchewan's current Elite, U23, Junior & Youth Elite triathlon athletes.  We also strive to ensure that Saskatchewan is well represented at regional and national events and to maximize results at national and international competitions.


The secondary purpose is talent identification of youth (12 – 15 yrs. old) and junior (16 – 19 yrs.) athletes who may excel at training and competition and who may be eligible for funding and program opportunities at an elite level.  


Finally, the STC will support affiliate members with programming opportunities:  Under 13 yrs., youth and junior athletes wanting to be involved with triathlon training on a locally competitive basis. Similarly, competitive age group athletes who aspire to at least inter-provincial competition will also be supported with programming opportunities as affiliate members.

The focus on the youth to adult age groups will be carried out within the  Development Model. The STC is a natural extension of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation Mission Statement:

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"To support the development of Saskatchewan triathlon, duathon and multi-sport athletes from novice to high performance through coaching education, officials training and club and member development."

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STC Corporate Partners:



If you would like to help the STC achieve its goals through a corporate sponsorship, contact the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation at

STC Membership Benefits

A.  Goods

  • Custom race trisuits and STC clothing will be ordered once to twice per year offering group rates to members.
  • STAC membership is included in STC membership.

      B. Services

        • Access to triathlon coaching support from the Provincial Head Coach and/or STC approved coaches.
        • Access to Provincial Training Days at subsidized rates.
        • Access to fully coached, coordinated and organized warm weather winter training camps (additional cost to athletes).
        • Access to STC coach at regional, national and some international races/events.
        • Regular communication relating to training, camps, races, funding standards, and provincial and national programs and initiatives.
        • Increased provincial and national recognition as a competitive athlete.
        • Race travel cost reduction through group bookings of flights, hotels, vans, etc.
        • Increased individual sponsorship opportunities
        • Access to equipment (wind trainers, power tap, bike boxes) as available.
        • Access to Integrated Support Team Services.

      C.  Guidance on Annual Planning:  (for athletes living within or outside of the center where the Provincial coach resides)

      • The STC Coach will, upon request, assist the athlete &/or the athlete's coach in planning yearly training based on a competition schedule that is agreed upon by all parties.
      • Recommendations from the STC Coach will be based on resources available to athletes in their training centers of choice.  For example:  if the athlete is living and training in a center where there are established swim and track programs available, then these options would be recommended for inclusion in the overall training plan for the athlete.  The STC coach will help co-ordinate access to these established programs for the athlete if they are unfamiliar with said programs.
      • All guidance on a training plan is unique to the individual based on her or his goals and the individual's coaches' input (if applicable).
      • Specific workouts, daily, weekly and monthly training plans are NOT included in this service as part of the STC fee.
      • If the athlete is in need of individual coaching, the STC Coach can assist the athlete in accessing qualified coaches.
      • Upon request, the athlete (&/or coach) can schedule to meet in person, by telephone, Skype or through email to discuss and develop a plan.
      • If desired by the athlete (&/or coach), at the end of each month, email communication will be initiated by the STC Coach to monitor &/or suggest updates to the training plan and competition schedule.
      • The Provincial Coach will, in December, March and June, send, by email, an Athlete Update Form to be completed and returned by all STC athletes.
      • Athletes can submit training questions to the Provincial Coach throughout the year.

      STC Full Member Athlete Responsibilities

      • Set annual training and racing goals that are challenging and achievable with the aid of an STC coach.
      • Support and encourage all other athletes, coaches and chaperones by behaving in an inclusive, cheerful and polite manner that will foster a continuously improving team spirit.
      • Follow the STC Code of Conduct at all training and racing events.  
      • To follow the STC coaches' training schedules.
      • Respond to emails and other correspondence sent out by the STC Coaches and representatives.
      • Submit requested documents and information in a timely manner as requested by the STC Coaches and representatives (Athlete Updates, training plans, travel information, etc.)




      Funding for the Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre:

      Since 2010, the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation has allocated funds from our annual funding to help formulate and support the Saskatchewan Triathlon Centre.  These funds, provided to STAC from Sask Sport constitute the base funding for the Centre. 

      The STC has also benefited from two sources for funding in the initial year of the Centre.  Mary's Hope Foundation made a substantial donation to the STAC Legacy Fund of Excellence in the winter of 2009/10.   Secondly, the 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation Inc. made a substantial donation that helped STAC to fully fund the STC season.

      Future funding support for the STC will be required for STAC to continue to offer quality elite instruction and administrative support.  If you are interested in supporting STAC with this or any of our programs, do so through our Legacy Fund of Excellence.  Corporate sponsorship opportunities with the STC are also available.  Contact STAC for details at