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Regina Youth Team

The Regina Multisport Club Youth Team was created in 2010 to provide youth in ages 7 to 18 the opportunity to participate in organized instruction and training sessions for multisport activities (i.e. swim, cycle, and run). The three disciplines together create a great cross-training opportunity to provide an overall fitness routine while helping to reduce injuries from repetitive strain when focused on one sport. This is a benefit regardless of the age of the participant - including adults (this means you, parents).

At a high level, there are two youth age bands:

  • Ages 7 - 11 (Introduction and Fundamental): Provides activities to introduce the youth to physical activity through a fun, engaging, low-competitive environment. It is not intended to be training-intensive - it's more about exploring the different sport activities, becoming fit, improving skills, and boosting personal confidence. For those interested, it also sets the youth up to confidently participate in events like the Kids Of Steel triathlons. Register for one or more of the repeating, six-week sessions offered from September through to April. We consistently fill our quota of twenty spots each session, so register early or contact us to get placed on our waiting list!
  • Ages 12 - 18 (Recreational and Competitive):There are two streams; the recreational stream provides an opportunity for physical fitness and personal skill improvement, and the competitive stream is for youth that have goals of achieving leading results at local, provincial, and national multisport events. The competitive stream will also provide a path into the provincial training centre clinics and national team racing events. We have an information night planned for Wednesday, September 24th, and an open house of our Sunday morning swim/cycle/run training session on October 5th (more information available on the RMC web site - see below). So if you have personal goals of gaining overall fitness, or want to pursue the challenge of taking your swim, run, and cycle skills and competition performance to the next level, we have a program stream to fit your needs!

Qualified instructors and coaches have had training from Triathlon Canada and related sports to enable them to teach proper swim, cycle and run techniques. More details including registration information can be found on the RMC web site athttp://www.reginamultisport.com/Youth/GeneralInformation/tabid/164.

Qualified instructors and coaches have had training from Triathlon Canada and other sports to enable them to teach proper swim, cycle and run techniques.

Visit The Regina Multisport Club for More information